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The winter doesn’t just bring us the cold and snow, but also bitter cold, ice, early darkness and pesky salt pellets that stick to your shoes.Β 

Find my 6 most important Winter Accessories for Dog Walkers that will make your walks safer, brighter, warmer and cleaner.Β 





This hat has been invaluable for me!
It keeps me snuggly warm and lights up everything i need on an evening walk …
And what’s unique here is that 2 LED’s are pointing farther ahead lighting up your way,
and 2 other LED’s are turned closer to right in front of your face, so anything you might have to see or read right in front of you is perfectly lit up.

Click here to get the LED Hat.


2. BALACLAVABalaclava


So a Balaclava is not something you need every day, but when it is freaking freezing cold, it’s a MUST unless you want your face to be frozen off.
I currently have the black version, but will buy this neon green.
Reason being?
Because I always feel like people think I might be a Burglar.
Anyway, it keeps me super cozy around my throat, neck and my head.

Click here to get your own Balaclava




I have tried many gloves before i stumbled upon these.
Somehow my finger tips would always and i mean always get cold after a while.
Things changed when i ordered these gloves in good faith. Interestingly they envelope your hand tightly and are super thick for warmth, but not too thick to handle a leash.
Dogs love to steal them from me and chew on them.
Good news though, they are really sturdy and come out perfectly fine after multiple wash machine cycles.

Click here to get these super comfy and warm gloves.






I never liked the reflective vests or the reflective strips, just because they are so passive and so loose.
Before you are seen a car has to already shine its light on you. It never seemed safe enough for me.
This lit up Belt fits the bill.
It’s rechargeable via a USB Cable and so far has always lasted one full winter before it needed to be recharged.
And even though it only lights up on one side, the other side where the clip enclosure is located is reflective. Thumbs up and definitely a must-have!

Click here to get your LED Belt.





With snow and ice come ice melt pellets that are sprinkled everywhere you look.
And while this keeps us safe and from slipping, it also sticks to your shoes like glue … until you get inside a client’s house,
where it all magically falls off your shoe soles not only to make a mess,
but also expose them to the nosy mouths of pets and babies.
I used to try to wipe off every single piece as i walked out with paper towels,
now i just slip these (medical) shoe covers on when going inside leaving the inside of client’s homes clean and dry – every single time!

Click here to get it!




I’m a HUGE fan of these MAXX Heavy Duty StabilicersΒ … so much that i gifted them to every single one of my close family members last Christmas.
Of course all my employees receive them as well!
The entire sole is spiked with sharp pointy nails. You can hear them crunch into the ice when walking, turning ice or compacted snow into a perfectly safe walkable surface.
They are easy to slip on/off and adjustable on the front of your shoe and in the back.

Click here to get them.


Any super usable winter accessories that i have completely overlooked?
Tell me about it in the comment sections below!


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