In typical Amazon fashion, they are pushing the envelope again!

And this time around Amazon is planning to team up with Rover and Merrymaids to provide their customers with a “convenient” way to let service providers unattended into their clients home. 

What exactly is Amazon Key?

For around $250 you can purchase the Amazon Key In-Home Kit, which includes an Amazon Cloud Cam and a compatible smart lock. 

After that’s all setup, you can select In-Home delivery when checking out. 

So when the driver is delivering your package he will first knock and if no one opens the door, he will proceed to request access to open the door through the keypad, which has to go through an authentication process.


Voila! There it goes: a stranger can walk right into your home

(if all goes well, with your permission of course).


Now couple that with Rover and we’ve got the perfect dog walking service. 


Ok i just needed to recover from my laughing attack in the farthest corner of my living room. 

Anyway, that’s the plan.

Personal service providers like cleaning services and dog walking services can walk right into your home and do everything for you, without you even ever meeting them.

Now i know a lot of pet sitters and dog walkers are already affected by Rover’s convenient uber-style dog walking service.

And a certain demographic totally digs Rover, Wag and all the other ones like that.



What makes Rover so successful to this date?

Here is the big secret:

They provide convenience. 

And now when teaming up with Amazon Key they will provide even more convenience because the customers don’t even have to meet the dog walker to give them the keys!

While I hope that most pet parents will still meet with the walker or sitter, i have no doubt that there is a fraction of our population that is completely fine for a stranger to walk into their home to care for their pet. 

I can’t even picture all the bad things that can possibly come out of this.

Especially when the dog is just stunned to have never smelled that person before walking through the front door like … a burglar?



How can you compete with Rover + Amazon Key?

Read my other blog post on 5 proven ways to outperform other businesses right here.

Make use of a pet sitting software.

It let’s your clients schedule services online, pay online, do everything online – in other words: It provides convenience.

Above that you already have a big advantage: You are not an App company, but a Dog Walking / Pet Sitting Company. 

You can guarantee that you face-to-face (!) hand selected, interviewed and trained your staff on an ongoing basis. Does Rover do that? No.

You can guarantee that when a client picks up the phone to ask a question about a sitter, they will be able to get the same person they talked to one week ago. Does Rover do that? No

You can guarantee that you started this company out of your love for animals. Can Rover do that? Certainly no.


Just to remind you.

We are dealing with living, precious beings here and while Rover has a big marketing machine going for itself, there will be many more problems for them to come in regards to liability and regulations.

So hang tight sweetheart.

Deliver exceptional services.

Offer a hassle free customer experience.

Collect reviews whenever and wherever you can. 

This way you will reach your wealth as a dog walking company not being at the mercy of an app. 

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