To Start a dog walking business is super easy, yet VERY confusing given you want to build a legit, insured and thriving business.

Ready to do it, right?

Step by Step? 

You are exactly where you need to be, the perfect place to start a dog walking business! 

Grab a coffee, make yourself comfortable and get ready to get your worries cleared up and your mind organized.



1. Decide On Which Services You Want To Offer

Choices. Choices. Choices. There are many services you can offer.

These include:
Dog Walking,
Dog Sitting,
Cat Sitting,
Small Pet Sitting,
Dog Hikes,
Dog Runs
Overnight Dog Sitting
and the list goes on …

Decide on which services to offer, depending on your passion, experience, physical ability and time commitment you want to put in.

But just to give you some food for thought.

Here you can take a peek into my brain and see some of the reasons for offering or not offering certain services:

  • Personally i’m not a runner, so i could have never offered 30 min dog runs – i simply wouldn’t have made it! 🙂 
  • Dog Sitting requires early work mornings and late nights 7 days/week – i did it in the beginning of my career, but quickly noticed it overtook my life, so i stopped offering it.
  • I love midday dog walking, since it’s dependable income and usually on a Monday through Friday schedule

Don’t sweat this step too much.

When you first Start a Dog Walking Business there are so many things you simply don’t know – about the services and about yourself!

Just start offering whatever services seems suitable and you will be able to figure out along the way what works for your and your Business and what not.

2. Name Your Business

Most of the times your Dog Walking Business Name will be the first contact with a potential client. 

Depending on how the name is chosen, it can make a good or bad first impression.
Be mindful when putting following attributes into your business name.

Territory: Any towns you include in your business name will make it hard to expand later on.

Services: Any specific services that are included might hinder you to expand your service offerings down the road.

To get your juices flowing and help you with this oh so important creation, check out my Foolproof Method To Come Up With Names That Stick & Sell.

Once you have decided on a few names, head on over to the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) of the United States Trademark and Patent Office and check that the name you are about to register is not already protected by another entity. 

No matter how you decide on your name, your chosen name should be:

  • distinctive – be creative and set yourseld apart from the others
  • suggestive – of superior quality perhaps or specializing in one particular service
  • appropriate – there should be no misunderstanding that you are a pet service business a.k.a don’t go nuts
  • easy to remember – the ultimate test: tell a few friends your business name and see if they remember it a few hours later
  • registrable – check if it doesn’t exist in your state already (see above)

3. Determine Legal/Tax Structure & Obtain EIN

Determine Legal and Tax Structure

Deciding on your business’ Legal and Tax Structure, which by the way can differ, is important because it will determine important things like, legal, financial and record keeping responsibilities.

You will most likely have the choice between a sole proprietorship, LLC, Corporation, partnership, or S Corporation. 

For residents of the United States, head over to the U.S. Small Business Administration website to find the different types of business structures and their corresponding legal and tax implications. 

Someone writing on a Laptopin to start a dog walking business

Obtain an EIN (Employer Identification Number)

You want to open a bank account, right?

Well, you will need an EIN! 

You will also need it, if you decide to operate as a partnership or LLC (or corporation, but chances are very low at this point).

When starting to employ people … guess what?!  

You will need an EIN as well. So why not just get it now.

Best news here: It’s completely free!

And instant. 

Head over to the EIN Assistant and get your own EIN super quick and easy.
Interestingly this online system has opening hours: Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 10 p.m Eastern Time. 

4. Register Your Business With The State

Depending on the state and on the business legal structure, you want to make sure you are legally operating your business within your state.

You can do this by going to the SBA (Small Business administration) website and check what the requirements apply to your particular state.

In addition you will want to make sure that you are observing your State Tax Obligations.

Yep, that’s right baby!

In addition to the federal taxes you will need to pay state taxes in most states.
As of February 2018 following states take out no state income tax:

  • Alaska
  • Florida
  • Nevada
  • South Dakota
  • Texas
  • Washington
  • Wyoming

But don’t just follow my word, always do your own due diligence. 

5. License And Certify Your Business

As a Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business are getting more popular, more states are going to require a License and/or Certification.

Even if your Business does not require it now, make sure to check your state’s requirements frequently, since that might change. 

Where do you check?  

Oh c’mon …

You should know by now that I got you!

Check out yet another wonderful SBA website page.

6. Buy Pet Sitting/Dog Walking Business Insurance

There are 3 blaring-in-your-face-reasons why you can not skip this step or make it optional when starting up a dog walking business.


I beg you.

A dog is chewing on a rope.


If anything were to happen … the dog gets hurt while under your care, you flood the clients house, the cat dies, ANYTHING … you will most likely be held accountable for it and as a reputable business you want to make sure you take care of your clients.

Costs can run into the $1000s very quickly.

I personally did not take on any job, until i was 100% sure i was insured. 

The proof is in the pudding

Check out just a few claims that were paid out in 2017 by my Pet Sitting Insurance Pet Sitters Associate: 

  • While walking a client dog on leash, it lunged at another dog passing by and broke free of the leash; the client dog attacked the third party dog causing injury – $3,777.96 paid
  • While in member’s care, the client dog jumped while playing with a ball and landed wrong, which caused injury to its leg – $1,000 paid
  • A client dog in the member’s care pulled the squeaker from a toy and swallowed it; surgery was needed to remove – $5,724.89 paid
  • While walking client dog on leash, a third party passerby was bitten and taken to hospital for five puncture wounds – $25,259 paid
  • I/C lost client key and home needed to be re-keyed – $739.82 paid
  • Client dog broke its leash and attacked a third party person and dog; both needed medical attention – $2,385.68 paid
  • A client dog that the member was boarding got a foxtail lodged in its nose while playing in the member’s fenced-in yard – $888.65 paid

As you can tell there are some freak accidents that happen, some could be avoided and some simply couldn’t.

Either way, someone has to pay the bill!

But who has the money laying around to just leisurely pay $500 – $25,000 and more out of pocket?

I don’t!

And I know you won’t likely either.

So getting insured for just around $200/year is a freakin’ NO-Brainer. 


I must repeat. $200!

That’s nothing, for all the piece of mind you are getting in exchange. 

Just one simple injury or accdient and your company could be PUFF … gone with a lawsuit.

Don’t be stupid.  

Being professional: 

So that’s one of the reasons why I created Dog Walk to Wealth.

I want to make sure you know the most straight forward way of running a professional business through which you can find your wealth.  

You will be just another hobby sitter, if you don’t have enough foresight to protect you, your Business and your clients. It’s part of being professional. 


Most clients have come to expect for their Dog walker or Pet Sitter to be insured.

So it actually really makes for a great Marketing Tool to mention that you are insured. 

So which Dog Walking/Pet Sitting Insurance should you get?

Well, you are in luck! 

Just swipe my free Insurance Comparison Chart, to find the right insurance specifically for your business.  

7. Decide On Setting Your Rates

Even though it doesn’t seem like work to walk a dog or care fore a cat, you will need to be compensated fairly. 

After all you want to become wealthy having your own company!

First you should dive yourself into some research to find out what the going rates are within your area. 

Someone showing checking Finances on a Tablet.

If you are just starting out i’d recommend charging about the going rate. 

But please do not charge any less than your competitors – it will just de-value yourself and your business.

Do not offer discounts on a continual basis!

A $10 off coupon offered here and there or a referral bonus might work wonders, but anything more than that with devalue your brand. 

Once you have a beautiful, professional website and sparkling reviews on Google, you will be able to ramp up your prices.

Setting your prices will decide if you are going for quantity or quality (meaning more $$$ for less work ;)) … of clients!

Get some pointers on how to truly stand out from competition in this blog post.

And once you are completely booked – guess what? It will be time to raise your prices.

Yeah baby, increase your bottom line!

Our Wealth Hacks Lab will have all the scripts and trainings you need once you are ready 😉

8. Open Up A Business Bank & PayPal Account 

Business Bank Account

You will need a Business bank account for a multitude of reasons.

A few are: 

  • You will look more professional
  • Your personal and business finances will be kept separate

Which is important for legal and tax purposes. Also, you will be more organized, so accounting will become much simpler.

PayPal Business Account

Don’t make the mistake to only take Checks and Cash – it’s seems very archaic and unprofessional. Because it is!

Instead accept all major Credit Cards and Debit Cards!

It’s so easy.

Create a PayPal Business Account. 

The current fee is 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. 

You can also set up a merchant account, through which you can accept Credit and Debit Cards, with about the same fees, but usually a monthly and one-time set up fee applies.

You can apply with PayPal to open up a Business account and start accepting Credit Cards immediately.

Feeling bold? 

Stand out AND save more money by accepting Bitcoin in your Business!

Sign up for my free 5-Day Email Course and learn what Bitcoin are and how to accept them in no time! 


You almost made it. 

Hang on tight.

Only a few more steps and then you are ready to go!

9. Find Out If You Have To Charge Sales Tax

Most states are already requiring Businesses to charge a Sales Tax on their Services. 

If you are lucky enough, your state does not charge a sales tax on Pet Sitting services, but make sure to check back regularly to make sure that hasn’t changed. 


The best way is to just call your state’s Division of Taxation.

To find out the correct phone number head over to Google search for: 

Division of Taxation + {Your State}

Ask them if a Pet Sitting or Dog Walking Business needs to charge sales taxes. 

Otherwise you can look hours and hours for the information, since you have to find it for our specific industry.

Take my word. 

I have wasted hours looking for the information online.

I gave in. 


And received an answer within 3 minutes. 


10. Get a Pet Sitting Software & Forms

The right Pet Sitting Software is inexpensive.

It will get you organized and make you look like a professional company. 

A few benefits are: 

  1. You will never miss a visit, because you have an organized schedule.
  2. Clients can onboard themselves -> so your Meet & Greets will be shorter and more personable
  3. You won’t need to tote your client forms around during your visits, because it will be all online! 

I personally have had the best experience with Precise Petcare.

They integrate with my website very well. 

They look very modern.

They are super intuitive.

And their owners are responsive to any problems that might arise and are always eager to provide new useful updates.

Precise Petcare can easily connect to your PayPal account, so clients will be able to pay their invoice (and add tips!) with the push of a PayPal Button.

No matter if you are going to use a Pet Sitting Software or not, you will not get around the fact that you will need Pet Business Forms.

A Client Contract and Questionnaires for their Pets are among the most important. 

You can create them yourself, or you can join Wealth Hacks Lab to get all the forms you need.


You have now officially acquired the most important knowledge to start a dog walking business the professional way.

Any questions or comments? Ask away below or leave me love notes (just kidding, but maybe not :D)!

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