You don’t want to

Guess (what you should put on your website, how to write emails to clients, run your business)
Burn out (from too many 7 am to 10 pm days, no off days)
Seem greedy (when raising prices, dropping less profitable clients)
Do it all by yourself (hiring employees, team up with other sitters/walkers)
Stay behind (the competition)


There is more to it than (just) putting up a website
There is more to it than (just) taking on as many clients as you possibly can
There is more to it than (just) having expertise in your field

You MUST learn how to make your clients fall in love with your biz and gush about you.

You MUST use your website as a weapon of persuasion and automation.

You can’t be average and expect exceptional results …

I’m Zue …

Born in 1985 straight into the arms of (Soviet occupied) East Germany, where things like Bananas were a luxury being only available on Christmas I quickly learned that love is worth more than material things.

Even though I truly sucked in (the math specialized) school (my Mom had me go to), I pushed through it learning one important thing: Numbers never lie.

Yearning for more I made my way to the United States before I turned 21. With the German teachings to always be better than the others, I earned my bachelor’s degree in 3 years and landed a corporate job where I was responsible for over $35 Million and conducted over 400 interviews.

With all the business know-how under my sleeve and sick & tired of working for “the man”, I started my own pet sitting company which turned into a profitable dog walking company earning my family a near six figure income within 3 years. But most importantly I perfected to have a work/life balance, to a point where I work only 8 hours/week.

Besides that I love Badminton (not the BBQ kind ;)) and you most likely will never catch me without a smile or a (sometimes stupid) joke on my lips.

Make clients fall in love with my biz, but yet obey my policies to the T.

Identify pet services that work best within the area and eliminate the ones that hurt my 80/20 ratio. 

Charge 38% more than my competitors, because I knew how to place myself as an authority within my market.

 Raise and retain some of the most loyal staff, because I figured out exactly which key communication strategies to use.

Have one of the highest interview-to-hire ratios through carefully crafted questionnaires and phone interviews.

10 Easy ways

To Get Clients


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Enrollment is currently closed.
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