Christmas is almost here and the deals are on!

Since “you can deduct no more than $25 for business gifts .. to each person” (via IRS) I have searched for the most original and beautiful christmas gifts near and far all over the web.

The gifts i’m showing you are ALL customizable with either the pets name, choice of picture(s) and color of item or all of the above.

But hurry, because some items take a while to produce and ship out and the deals as listed won’t last forever.


1. Pet Ornaments

pet ornaments

This Etsy gift is a winner in my eyes – it’s personable, something different and handmade!

Gather some pictures of the pet, submit them with the name and this seller will ship a beautiful ornament to you.

If you order more than 5 use the code “big order” and you’ll get 20% off or subscribe to their newsletter and get 15% off.

One Ornament: $20 + $5 Shipping = $25

Get this beautiful Etsy Ornament here.  


2. Glass Ornament

It can be personalized with the pets name, small or large paws and custom font and ornament colors.
The bow and hanging ribbon are matched with your choices of colors.
It’s size is 4″ x 4″.

One glass ornament: $8 + $3.50 Shipping = $11.50

Get this beautiful Glass Ornament here.


3. Dog Blanket

Personalized Dog Blanket Christmas Gift

This warm blanket is a great gift for your furry charge.
You can customize it with the pets name and picture. 

One Small Blanket: 20″ x 25″: $5 + $9.95 Shipping = $14.95
One Medium Blanket: 30″ x 40″: $8.99 + $14.99 Shipping = $23.98

Get the deal on Groupon right here. 


4. Pet Christmas Stocking

Pet Christmas Stockings

These stuffer stockings come in the size of 18″ x 11″ and can be personalized with a name and you will have the choice of either the red one with a bone or the green one with a fish bone. 

One Stocking: $17.99 + $3.50 shipping = $21.49

Get it on Etsy right here.


5. Pet Mat 

Customizable Pet Mat for Christmas

This anti-skid Mat is made out of microfiber and comes in a size of 12.5″ x 21.5″. Besides changing the name you can choose out of 6 different fonts and various font colors. It’s custom and very practical  – win/win!

One Placemat: $10.80 + $3.16 Shipping = $13.96

Get it on Etsy right here.


6. Dog Bone Christmas Stocking

Personalized Dog Bone Stocking

These Dog Bone Stuffers are just too cute!

Each stocking lined with cotton fabric measures about 16″ x 9″ and have a 6″ opening.
You can choose the design and color of the pets name tag – which is 4″ x 2″.

One choice of a Dog Bone Stuffer: $15.74 + $5.99 Shipping = $21.73

Get it right here on Etsy. 


7. Canvas Print

Canvas Print for Christmas

These canvas prints are a very elegant gift choice if you have a great picture in a very good resolution. 


One 10″ x 10″ Canvas: $5 + $9.95 = $14.95

Get the deal on Groupon right here. 


8. Coffee Mug 

Customizable Coffee Mug

Pretty much everything on this mug can be customized – the colors, the letter, the name and the 5 pictures. Super cute for those heavy tea or coffee drinkers among your clients 😉 

11 oz. Coffee Mug: $15.90 + $5.99 = $21.89
15 oz. Coffee Mug: $18.05 + $5.99 = $24.04

Get one here through Zazzle.


Which one is your favorite or have you even found other cute deals?
Let me know in the comments below!



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