It’s a freaking revolving door. 65% of all the job applications I’m getting are looking to “make some quick money”.

With the involvement of real people and real animals, constant change in their routine and their caregivers is simply not an option and the added cost of time and moneyto hire and train someone every 3 months is simply not an option for you as a business owner as well.

But these wonderful employees we are all dreaming about are out there, you just need to attract the right ones the right way.

Check it out.


Lure them in – Pay well

People want to be appreciated. How is the appreciation measured?

Right Pay and Fair Treatment.

Find the sweet spot of a fair pay structure for the employee and your business and you are golden.

But, how do you find it?

First, check what your competitors are paying their employees.

If their websites don’t list the rate of pay, then you will have to pretend you are applying to become their dog walker or pet sitter and find it out that way.

Pay at least the same of what your competitors are paying. If you can afford it try to pay a little bit more than what your competitors are paying their employees.

Second, calculate what you can afford to pay your employees taking workman’s comp (if required in your state/country) and tax liabilities into account. 

Most importantly, calculate the average per hour wage and publish the pay rate on your website. 

Have you ever applied for a job?

And if so, didn’t you hate it if you found an awesome job to apply for, but nowhere did they publish what they are going to pay you?

Exactly! You could lose some great candidates on that simple fact.

… Or ATTRACT employees by following this simple tip.


Let them know what they are getting into

… with a job description.

Just like with any other job, no one knows what really goes into being a dog walker unless that person has been one before.

You want to be as ugly honest as possible about what their possible future job entails.

From picking up poop to cleaning up throw up, to cuddles, snuggles and driving through town on a tight schedule.

You can either create an entire job description or create an A&Q on your website, or both.

No matter which way you choose, make sure to:

* include basic pre-requisites (like availability, have to have car, prior experience with dogs, etc.)
* not make things look better than they are
* keep it concise
* be thorough

But with that being said, our job is fun most of the time of course 😉

Let your applicants know that they get to cuddle, play and simply walk outside and that this FREAKING ROCKS!

Your employee retention rate highly depends on how you communicate with and how you treat them.

Hopefully, you have it all worked out and are already creating a wonderful company culture.

If so, use that fact as a great reason to work for you!


Know what you are getting into

… with a carefully crafted job application.

Your schedule is already busy enough as is.

The last thing you will need is to waste 30 minutes of your time on a phone interview only to find out, that the prospective person doesn’t even have a car or is really only available Monday through Friday until the end of the summer.

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

To make sure you are only speaking to well-qualified applicants, make sure you are asking all the pertinent questions already when they are filling out a job application on your website.

This way you will be able to schedule phone interviews.

So you can verify what was written,

get a feel for how they carry themselves on the phone and

hopefully invite them for an in-person interview which will result in a positive hiring decision.


Make them stay – Give security

Everyone loves security.

Security of a job.

Security of an income.

Start with figuring out how many work hours/week on average you can promise to your applicant and then look for someone with that availability.

When you guarantee (as much as possible of course) a certain amount of work hours = income per week and let them know that you are looking to work with someone who can stay with you longer than 6 months, it will give your prospective employee a good feeling of job security.

Which is huge, especially in this economy!

I elaborated more on all of the Employee Needs right here.


Make them devoted – Offer a way upwards

What motivates employees to give their Best?

A way upwards,

a better job position,

more responsibilities,

a higher pay.

Even if you are at the very beginning of hiring, eventually you will need an office manager or a person overseeing your vast array of pet sitters.

Keep your eyes open for a dog walker or pet sitter that might have qualities of leadership. And let your employees know about the opportunity to eventually be promoted.

The right person will be motivated by that sheer fact to do their best job at all times.

And hopefully, you will be able to promote one or some of your pet sitters. 


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