I’m pretty sure you have asked yourself before how you can appear to be more professional, more like a company not just like a hobby sitter.

Surely you should be able to take care of a pet in an educated and loving way i.e. professional way, but there is more to it. It’s the Professionalism Quotient (PQ). 

What is the Professionalism Quotient? The magnitude of your professionalism.


Everyone has one —- find out next how you can perform tiny tweaks to increase your PQ. 

Use a signature in all your Emails

Ideally a professional signature has your most important information – who you are, your logo, how you can be reached, what your position is and links to your social platforms.

As an example check out mine: Zue's DWTW Signature Screenshot

Use a greeting in every.single.email.

You are only being taken serious, if you take yourself serious. Stick to rules and stick especially to this one. It might seem petty, but putting a 

“Hi [Client’s name],”

before everything you have to say, even if you reply back with some quick line, like a “yes, we will do that” and the client does not use a greeting anymore … stick to your guns and keep using a greeting every.single.time.

It’s all psychology!

Get a professional Email Address 

One of the most unprofessional things you can do besides having a mydogwalkingbiz.weebly.com or mydogwalkingbiz.wordpress.com website is having a mydogwalkingbiz@google.com email address.

Go to your hosting provider and set up a professional email address like so: Zue@MyDogWalkingBiz.com. It only takes 3 min.

Pro Tip: Use a name, not info@. Makes your potential client feel warm and fuzzy knowing they will have YOU or your Manager on the other side and also they will know how to word their greeting. 

Use a professional greeting when picking up the phone

Use a pleasant/cheerful/welcoming greeting to identify yourself and business:

Good Morning, this is Jeff with “Best Muds in town dog walking”, how may I help you today?

Pro Tip: Don’t ever be afraid to let your personality shine through on the last part. “How may I help you” is very standard, try to think of something that suits you. Maybe: “how are you today?” or “how can i make help you with your pet?” … be creative!

Get a Google Voice #

Do not make the mistake and use your personal phone number as your business number – it never ends well.

Get a free Google Voice Number and make sure to leave a proper Voicemail Greeting.

Leave a proper Voicemail Greeting

Voicemail Greeting:

“Hi, this is [business name], we are most likely out walking a dog or playing with a cat. Please leave us a message with your name, phone #, why you are calling and we will get back to you as soon as we can.”


Pro Tip: Once you are busy and are taking advantage of the automated client screening – check out my “save time – automate client screenings” post you will alter the VM Greeting to letting new clients know where they can go on your website to find out more on how to become a new client.

Do not text.



I beg you. For your own sanity!

You are a business not a personal assistant. 

Let all the client communication go through your portal, email and phone calls.

Texting as a business is unprofessional and invites your clients right into your personal life, which sends your Professionalism Quotient below the basement.

Use a UPS/USPS Mailbox as your business address

Besides clients showing up at your doorstep to drop off keys or their dog, when you don’t even board dogs …. it’s none of their business knowing where you live.

Make use of Email Scripts 

With prepared Email Scripts you will ensure

* consistency,

* avoid spelling mistakes,

* rule out the chance of forgetting anything in your communication

* and most of all save time!

Email Scripts are especially useful when

  • letting your new client know how everything works (your online portal, rates, payment, what a visit entails, etc.),
  • an impending rate increase,
  • when and that you go on vacation, etc.

Emotions: Leave them out of it

Emotions are boiling high quickly with some of us, when things like our integrity, honesty, prices, sitters or anything that’s near and dear to our heart is being questioned, belittled or insulted.

But honey, you are a professional, so behave that way. Cool down, if it has to be, do not write or call back for 24 hours and sleep on it.

Take the emotions out and focus only on the performance of your company and the facts.

Never get in a back and forth. A lot of people want to have the last word – that’s not the time to have your ego rule. Let them have it. It’s OK 🙂

Now go ahead sweet student of mine, raise up your Professionalism Quotient and let me know when you do!

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